In a beautiful world that has come to hooray the hustle, I find my sweet-loving soul rebelliously dancing to the contrary - for this season busy has no place - busy cannot lasso my time. It is down by the rive, sunbathing on silky rocks.

                              - Tess Guinery / APRICOT MEMOIRS

I believe in holistic wellness and if variety is the spice of life, I reckon you're at your best when you're keeping it spicy, especially when it comes to movement and nutrition. We want our minds and bodies to be adaptable - as strong as they are soft and as flexible as they are grounded. I combine yoga, pilates, breath work and personal training (plus, laughter and chocolate - the best medicines of them all) to empower, strengthen and stretch my clients. I want people to walk out feeling like a success. Like the very best version of themselves. A real fist pumping, jazz hands, high steppin' f*** yeah kinda moment. 

I came to yoga when I was 20-years old. With university burnout nipping at my heels and a body heavy with the 'Fresher Fifteen' (oh, the wonderful combination of goon and kebabs, when my first year at college drew its entire food pyramid inspiration from the humble potato.) Scoliosis meant I often woke up at night in pain and my idea of fitness was smashing out the ks on the treadie until I saw rainbows and leprechauns dancing between the free weights. I couldn't touch my knees without popping a hammie, boasted little energy and sported noodles for arms - despite bicep curling frantically. Yoga gave me the core strength I didn't know I could claim as mine, a spatial awareness I didn't know I was so severely lacking, the sexy flexyness I was craving and a blissed out mind that silenced the monkey mind. I was hooked.


After completing my 200-hour Ashtanga Vinyasa training in India, I then found Pilates. This was the step up I was looking for, with its precise, intelligent movements grounded in contemporary exercise science. While the scope is endless for improvement, these two practices gave me a sense of direction and a strength and bodily awareness which is empowering and liberating. I completed my Stott Level 1 Mat Pilates and my Merrithew Barre Training in 2019 and teach at several studios and retreats in my hometown of Wanaka. Get in touch to find out more about my teaching timetable, private sessions and availability to instruct at retreats. 

"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer - Albert Camus